Picture Perfect #74

Welcome back to Picture Perfect. It has been a loooong time since I posted anything here. Today I’ve selected a pic from That Winter The Wind BlowsI haven’t seen this melodrama but the cinematography is amazing. Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo do make a lovely, beautiful couple. As it’s a tearjerker sort of drama, I chose this picture where they are smiling and looking happy.


2 thoughts on “Picture Perfect #74

  1. Blue

    They do look good together here. I couldn’t finish this drama though, because it felt like there was no real story, or maybe I should say no depth. For a melo, I expected more. The feeling I had was that it was empty. But it was fairly successful in Korea. My tastes tend to match korean tastes but this time it didn’t. Still, this is indeed a beautiful picture ^^*

    1. snow Post author

      Yes…it was successful…but I din’t watch it because like you said, it looked too artificially generated tearjerker…lol…but I like how beautiful each frame looks in whatever pictures I come across for this show. I also hesitated from the drama because of the fauxcest that was present there…


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