The songs I like from ‘Girl Who Sees Smells’ OST


Girl Who Sees Smells wrapped up its run last week and I will surely miss our cutie pie couple. I thought this was the right time to have a discussion on the music of the drama, so that we can once more relive all those moments. The OST has lots of songs but here is the list of songs that I loved. If I have to define the music of the show in one word, it would be upbeat.

Confusing by Juvie of Sunny Hill and Jang Yi Jung of History

This song is so sweet and soothing! I love how it starts off on low note and then proceeds to add the further lines with more sweetness. It is played during all cute scenes between the couple. There is also a mischievous feel to it. The drama basically tells about the confusion that happens when one falls in love, especially during the initial days when we are in that ‘crush’ stage — at one point we feel like he/she is also interested in us and then moments later, we feel like we might be mistaken. This is definitely my most favourite track off the album.

Spring is Gone By Chance by Loco and Yoo Joo of GFRIEND

Another cheerful song which is faster in pace than the above. It also has some rapping. This is the song which actually talks about scents — the major theme encapsulating the drama. It is another track played for our couple.

Again, Today by Gemini

Well, if you have read my OST posts regularly, you all must be knowing that I love ballads. They just click all my emotional buttons. In the cute and sweet milieu of Girl Who Sees Smells, we also have an emotional ballad whose tune I really liked. Hence, it earned a place in this list.

These are my favoured numbers from the OST. Overall, these songs have a sunny vibe to them. So readers, did you like Girl Who Sees Smells soundtrack? Which ones are your favourite songs?

(credit to the uploaders)

8 thoughts on “The songs I like from ‘Girl Who Sees Smells’ OST

  1. hariaharia

    We have to admit this OST isn’t up to par with Mickey’s level as a super idol. Again Today might be the only decent song. The urge to capture spring has overcome the composer, I guess. The orchestral pieces sound more appropriate to the plot; at least to my ears. which are not of a mucisian.
    It’s true that I’ve listened to much better OSTs for kdramas and my expectations are always high since their composers seem to be so well-educated and in tune with any given plot – especially, in cinema.

    1. snow Post author

      I agree with you totally….when I checked out the whole OST, there were only a few songs that I remembered and even among them, only 3 that I liked..mostly the soundtrack has that summery/spring vibe. We can say that the OST in general is average…it looks good when teamed with scenes but will not remain longer on my playlist once the drama fever goes after a few days 🙂

  2. mickymong

    I think for overall, I love all the OST in TGWSS..most of the songs are catchy but how I wish Yoochun will lend his voice too especially he can sing & rap too..I want to share these 2 fancams with you..

    This is an OST from TGWSS..he sings for noraebang segment, without practice I’m sure coz it’s a random selection.
    Spring is Gone by Chance:

    and this, his proposal song for Cho Rim..his voice! how soothing~
    I’m Fortunate:

    1. snow Post author

      Awwww…..thank you so much for this!! 😀
      I feel the same…I wish he contributed in the OST department as well..but I guess stars are really busy while shooting live for the dramas that they hardly get time to sleep, so it must have been really difficult for him to record the OST.
      Yay that we got these fancam videos to at least enjoy him singing the songs from the OST 🙂

      1. mickymong

        Agree! I tot the same too..their schedules must be so tight..his staff tweets that the shooting for final episode ends at 7pm, that was so late & rushing to think that they have to edit okay, maybe next project after he backs from army 😀

        1. snow Post author

          IKR! They keep on filming till the evening when the episode needs to get aired…I wonder how they do everything in such a tight schedule…kudos to the staff!

  3. Shook

    I really enjoyed the soundtrack “Serial Killer” because it sounded really good (to me) whenever it was played during the show. It seemed extremely catchy and a good ounce of dramatic. Just me? Ok.

    1. snow Post author

      I watched the show a long time back so don’t really remember this particular soundtrack. Overall, the music was good for the drama 🙂


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