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I totally love all three posters released by The Time I Loved You (previously called The Time I’ve Loved You 7000 Days), the Korean remake of hit and popular Taiwanese drama In Time With You. I’m glad that I haven’t seen the original as I won’t have anything to compare it with and I can watch it with a fresh perspective, taking in its strengths and weaknesses all on its own merit. From the time

this show was announced, my most anticipated thing was seeing leading lady Ha Ji Won in a normal, modern, simple role and looks like it is finally happening! All her recent roles were larger-than-life — King 2 Hearts, Secret Garden and Empress Ki and I’m waiting with bells on to see her playing a girl-next-door. She is looking absolutely gorgeous in all promotional materials and Lee Jin Wook is equally attractive as well. The posters are full of warmth, compassion, slice-of-life vibes, just what I want from the show, which is being directed by the PD of Pinocchio and I Hear Your Voice. The story is about two best friends of 20 years who fall for different people in their lives but realise that they are actually in love with each other. It’s a premise which has been done lots of times but for dramaland, it’s quite less in numbers, which I can count on the fingers of one hand. One poster shows our couple sitting comfortably together, the second one adds coffee mugs to it (bringing in more warmth and summery feel) with a light forehead kiss and the third one features them standing on two opposite balconies, where Ha Ji Won is looking at something at a distance while Lee Jin Wook is staring at her intensely. They also look cute in school uniforms and it’s clear that they are having a blast filming those scenes.

The rest of the cast for The Time I Loved You includes Yoon Kyun Sang (hyung in Pinocchio) as a pianist who once dated our heroine and enters her life again after 5 years. Choo Soo Hyun (seen as reporter in Pinocchio) plays Lee Jin Wook’s girlfriend while Lee Joo Seung (High School King Of Savvy, Pinocchio) plays Ha Ji Won’s younger brother. Oh and as for our leads’ careers, Lee Jin Wook’s character work in an airline and Ha Ji Won plays a leader of marketing team in a shoe company. The show will also have a slew of cameos by stars like Chu Sung Hoon, Ohn Joo Wan, Yoon Sang Hyun and L as Ha Ji Won’s ideal men or lovers at some point of her life.

The Time I Loved You hits the airwaves this weekend on SBS, which is doing pretty bad in its weekend slot. Hopefully, this drama will hit a home run and bring back much-needed success.

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