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Well, I’m glad we got so much development in last few episodes. I didn’t give my two cents for previous weeks episodes because I feared sounding like a broken record with my usual ‘I want Bong Sun to get more time and development’. But with last week’s jump in plot movement and the drama facing the real conflicts, I’m back again with writing some thoughts.

So Bong Sun got her body back for good. Soon Ae fell for Sun Woo and then she feared of her own feelings and also with chances of turning evil, she decided to leave this thought of solving her grudge through sleeping with him. As closer she got, the more she was falling for him.

As for the new life Bong Sun got after Soon Ae made her closer to Sun Woo, she had to face the real conflict — and which I’m talking about right from the beginning — Sun Woo loves her or Soon Ae. I think it’s bit of both. Yes, he did start interacting with her thanks to Soon Ae, but then he has always maintained that he likes her when she is in a neutral state. So there is a mix of both personality traits but we, as viewers, are really walking on thin ice. I really want Sun Woo to love Bong Sun but then it may so happen that he is in love with Soon Ae.

Let’s talk about the good outcome of all this. Now at least Bong Sun is free from the burden of acting like Soon Ae. She can be herself and I’m definitely proud of her. It’s interesting that I haven’t swoon for any of the romantic scenes between Sun Woo and Soon Ae, but it was that moment when Bong Sun ran into his arms, crossing the road, that made me go…wooooaaahhh. I felt so sad for her when Sun Woo didn’t mention her during the time when he felt grateful. But you know what, I think she must have done the same thing. I really hate it that Bong Sun never thought about how she will face others after Soon Ae has done her deed, or wouldn’t she want to feel the emotions and expressions of Sun Woo’s love, when she was so generously giving her body to Soon Ae. Big Sigh. I blame it on the writing to not give any exposition to Bong Sun’s thoughts.

It’s also a good thing that now that Soon Ae is free of her desire to possess Bong Sun, she can focus on more important points like how she died. I thought that must be her first question when she met her father via Bong Sun, but the show never addressed that. Sigh. There are so many things this drama should have done a few episodes ago, so that we would have got more time to ponder on such meaty conflicts and dilemmas, rather than now. Well, still 4 episodes are left to wrap everything satisfactorily and I so hope that Oh My Ghostess would not disappoint.

P.S. I just want to point out how fantastic Jo Jung Suk is as the man head-over-heels in love!