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It’s always great to look forward a drama, especially these days when I drop more shows than I complete. Of course all the blame can’t be put on dramas as my real life has been busier than before and hence it leads me to watch only the things I really want to, unlike before when I had this unsaid rule of finishing the whole journey of a drama, however tiring it might be. Yong-pal had a solid start last week for SBS, bringing huge numbers for both days. I don’t think the show is anything mindblowing but it’s definitely interesting and entertaining. It helps that it has a fast pace, which doesn’t give way to boring elements. Joo Won is fantastic and I can’t wait to see action from other players as well. Mainly from our heroine Kim Tae Hee, who remained a sleeping beauty for almost entire two episode run, except for the last scene where she wakes up. I think the premise is very over-the-top, to a great degree with respect to the whole 12th wing (as if some topย secret defence operation is taking place) and the physical state of Yeo Jin. And the doctor who is more like an action hero, in addition to performing surgeries anywhere, not to mention the cops who didn’t bother to look into hospital records themselves โ€” there are too many things that make me want to roll my eyes. But then everything is woven with a fun and thrilling aspect and telling me to just enjoy with suspending disbelief, I actually enjoyed everything.

The preview for episode 3 shows that our hero Tae Hyun will have a minor makeover of sorts where he is sporting glasses. LOL. Is it to show that his new life has begun from now on? Then there is also glimpse of some new female character (I think she is Stephanie Lee but I’m not sure.) There will also be the first meeting between Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin as she wonders who he was and also mentions that he is the first outsider she has seen in 3 years. Hm. So that’s the time period she spent in her coma state.

Preview for Yong-pal Episode 3:

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