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Finally, it’s here. The promotional cycle for epic sageuk Six Flying Dragons is going on with full speed and the posters and stills look stylish and intense. The period drama boasts a powerhouse cast with both veteran and new actors joining the show. As I’ve said several times before, I’m not a sageuk person (but I do love History as a genre — the K-dramas in this regard don’t interest me), but who can resist the chance of watching Kim Myung Min, Yoo Ah In, Byun Yo Han together for so many weeks! The cast also includes Shin Se Kyung, Jung Yoo Mi, Yoon Kyun Sang and Chun Ho Jin in the lead roles.

Six Flying Dragons is set in the period when the Joseon Dynasty was being established. It will show power struggles during the reign of king Taejo (Chun Ho Jin) with Kim Myung Min playing Jung Do Jeon, his political aide and Yoo Ah In plays King Taejong, his son. Byun Yo Han is Jung Do Jeon’s bodyguard while Yoon Kyun Sang is Taejong’s bodyguard. Shin Se Kyung plays former’s sister and love interest to Yoo Ah In. Well, I’m sure there will be more characters we’ll be meeting when the show finally airs and more character trajectories, so this is just a broad stroke of them. I’m sure I’ll need to write notes and make charts to remember everything and everyone. LOL.

The historical drama increases hopes because in addition to the spectacular cast, it comes from the team behind highly lauded Tree With Deep Roots.

As for the stills and posters, I want to especially mention Byun Yo Han who looks so different in the period look and so intense! Rest of the cast looks great as well. Six Flying Dragons premieres in the first week of October, that is, on the 5th as it follows Mrs. Cop (which is the ratings winner) in the Monday-Tuesday slot on SBS.

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