Preview for Twenty Again Episode 9


My love is growing in direct proportion to the run of Twenty Again and I’m always ready with bells on for its next episode. Hence, now that the show is becoming so frugal in giving us previews, it annoys me to no end. But finally the much awaited preview is out for episode 9 and looks like we are about to enter some denial and angst before a romantic confession. We ended up on a great note last week as Nora danced on stage (I just wish they has shown the dance more properly β€” something like Dream High‘s flash mob dance in the last episode). It was so satisfying to watch her regain her confidence when she was making her own decisions and ignoring her husband totally throughout last week’s episodes.

The episode ended with focus on Woo Chul and Hyun Suk as they realise something. Can’t really say if Woo Chul’s interest in Nora will be rekindled but that look on Hyun Suk β€” it was totally love. In the preview, we see how he tries to ignore his feelings and is pretty uncomfortable with Nora’s closeness. She is obviously oblivious to this whole thing. Whereas, Woo Chul is also having his own contemplations. I do like that now her son is behaving in a better way and taking her side. It looks like he will find their divorce papers. Good, more secrets should come out of the bag.

I did hate Hyun Suk a lot during that whole sequence where he purposefully didn’t give Nora’s mobile phone back. It was so immaturish and mean. I’m glad episode 8 made up for it by him realising his behaviour and the two friends finally reuniting again. Most importantly, I’m loving Nora being happy and contended and determined!

On an additional note, that ‘thank you’ speech was all sorts of awesome and heart-tugging. No wonder it melted Hyun Sook.


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6 thoughts on “Preview for Twenty Again Episode 9

  1. kfangurl

    I’m loving this show too, in a way that makes me wish more episodes were available so that I can just go on to the next one! Yes, Min Soo finds their divorce agreement, that they will divorce when he starts college. And that last scene in the preview, Hyun Seok tells Woo Chul that he likes No Ra – Eeee!!! πŸ˜€

    1. snow Post author

      Wow…I didn’t get that last bit…yay for confession…but I think the drama will have an open ending as far as romance is concerned. Nora hasn’t really felt anything so far.

      1. kfangurl

        I love No Ra so much that whatever she wants, I want for her. So if she’s not into either guy, so be it! Altho, Hyun Seok is adorable, & I’d love for them to fall in love. I mean, how cute would they be together, right? ^^

        1. snow Post author

          Oh I totally want them to be together!! But I’ll be okay if it ends with Nora being happy and with a possibility that they have a future together…BUT I want ROMANCE πŸ˜‰

  2. KEngSub

    I’m glad he’s getting a lot of projects now, I saw that he will be in WGM too together with the female lead in falling for innocence…I am curious to see how will his dynamics be with a noona whose personality is that of a younger woman,😁


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