‘Oh My Venus’ holds script reading

Looks like the speedometer for upcoming KBS drama Oh My Venus has reached to a high level as the internet is abuzz with more and more articles each day regarding the show. The leads were already cast a long time back with So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah and now after the supporting cast and schedule being locked in, it’s time for the script reading, which took place a few days back.

Oh My Venus stars Shin Min Ah as a lawyer who was extremely gorgeous in her youth but she gained weight later on and now wants to regain that figure. She undergoes dieting and physical training, and falls in love with her trainer, played by So Ji Sub. The plot sounds a lot like Birth Of A Beauty, except the fact that in the latter, the heroine goes through plastic surgery and her motive was something else. I do want the drama to avoid making jokes on being fat and instead, be a cute and decent take on the subject.

Jung Kyeo Woon will play Shin Min Ah’s boyfriend of 15 years who leaves her after meeting Yoo In Young, who plays her friend from school and later her boss. How shallow can the guy be and I find it boring that he played similar character in Birth Of A Beauty (LOL, we are surely having many similar things. I just hope Oh My Venus is a LOT better than that show which I dropped after a few  episodes). Now don’t tell me, she is losing weight to gain him back!

Okay, I promised from the start that I won’t complain about the plot when we have So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah as the main couple. This will be So Ji Sub’s first drama in 2 years (Master’s Sun came in 2013. He did have a cameo in Warm And Cozy though) while Shin Min Ah last appeared on small screen in 2012 with Arang And The Magistrate.

Oh My Venus starts airing from 16 November after Sassy Go Go wraps up.



2 thoughts on “‘Oh My Venus’ holds script reading

  1. Kay

    I keep thinking the plot sounds likes Birth of a Beauty meets She Was Pretty, lol. The second I heard the part Jung Kyeo Woon was playing, I was like didn’t he just play that role? Ah well, I guess he’s good at that type of role. I guess I haven’t officially dropped Birth of a Beauty, but I watched 8 episodes about 6 months ago and still haven’t finished it…it’s just not calling to me, probably because it was getting more boring by the minute. Here’s to hoping Oh My Venus is tons better!

    1. snow Post author

      IKR! So many similarities with birth of A Beauty!
      Haha…you managed 8 episodes. i think I dropped very early on. I really, really hope with all my heart that Oh My Venus would be good…The drama should not miss the chance when it has got this awesome pairing!


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