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Looks like it’s a movie next for Park Shin Hye as she has confirmed to star in movie Hyung that also features Jo Jung Suk and pop group EXO‘s D.O. in lead roles. Her last acting endeavour was in multistarrer film Beauty Inside which was released a few months back and starred Han Hyo Joo in the lead role. It’s good for Park Shin Hye career wise to branch out in movies as they provide a greater range in terms of roles, stories and experience. But I’ll be waiting for her dramaland return. I hope it’s sooner than later.

Hyung is a story about two brothers (natch) — Jo Jung Suk plays the older brother who is in prison for fraud while D.O. is the younger brother who is an athlete. He suffers from an injury before a major competition. Park Shin Hye plays a woman who has an affectionate relationship with D.O. but has a bickering one with Jo Jung Suk’s character. If my hypothesis after watching n number of movies and dramas all these years is correct, the hate will turn into love. Yeah, this trope is as predictable as the sequence of alphabets. Anyway, I think the movie will be a heartwarming tale of hope and warmth. And maybe, bring tears to our eyes.

Hyung will be helmed by the director of Barefoot Ki-bongie and written by the writer of popular films like My Paparotti, No Breathing and Miracle of Cell No. 7It plans to hit theatres next year and the filming begins this month.