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I can’t believe it’s the final week for Twenty Again. It has been such an amazing ride and the show got better and better with each new episode. It’s to show’s credit that I didn’t know where time flew in its company and it’s with a sad but satisfied heart that I’ll say goodbye to it (I’m not ready yet! *sobs*). The last week saw the divorce that we were all waiting for. The gradual development of romance between Nora and Hyun Suk was totally believable and charming. I also love the way Min Sook has come around to caring for his mom. It’s great that he broke up with that annoying and immature Hye Mi (How was he even tolerating her from so many months is a mystery to me). I also loved a line that Sang Ye said — “The future is always uncertain. Once the future becomes your present,
you have another uncertain future waiting. So, I do what I like doing now.”

I always laugh out loud at Kim Woo Chul’s behaviour — he is so delusional to the highest degree, even now, creating his own assumptions and reasoning. The preview is out for penultimate episode. As always, there are two which are more or less same. It looks like our couple will get closer and there will be lots of cuteness in store (I want a kiss, are you listening Show?). I don’t know how but Woo Chul and Ye Jin reunite and looks like Nora is embarrassed as Min Soo sees her and Hyun Suk together. Can’t wait for the finale!

Previews for Episode 15:

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