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MBC is premiering a brand new daily drama titled The Dearest Lady (or Best Couple) this Monday. I think both names are so different as to be given to the same project but I prefer the former as the latter sounds a lot like Best Love as well as Bad Couple — both dramas earlier aired on MBC and SBS respectively. The drama will be about a mother and her two daughters and their relationships. I think the story is pretty uplifting as it takes a refreshing and welcome route where we not only see the love and life of the daughter but also the mother as the central character will be that of a divorced woman, played by Ha Hee Ra (Make A Woman Cry) and we will see her love life, relationship and remarriage as well. Her daughters will be Kang Min Kyung (the singer from pop duo Davichi, who has also acted in shows like Haeundae Lovers and Vampire Idol) and Jo An (Shining Romance). Of course, like the usual Korean daily soap tradition, much importance will be given to family elements.

I like the posters from the drama which despite being nothing creatively special, look very cheerful. The background texture does provide a new look to them. The Dearest Lady comes from daily veterans as the PDs directed shows like Pink Lipstick and Apgujeong Midnight Sun while the writer penned Shining Romance and An Angel’s Choice. Daily dramas are not my cup of tea but this one looks cute enough (and my shallow side is noticing many cute guys *winks*) to give a try when I have enough time to commit.

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