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I’ve finally succeeded in catching up all the episodes that have been aired for Oh My Venus. I love, love, love the main pair of So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah, or rather our coach-nim and Joo Eun. And I also love the boy gang of Young Ho, Joon Sung and Ji Woong — they are so adorable and funny. I can forget and fast forward everything else. Okay, I do like some Soo Jin moments too and also the fact that she is not the typical second lead who does bad things for the protagonists. Also, the family saga of Young Ho is good to cure insomnia. BUt it’s a good thing that Oh My Venus knows where its strength lies and gives us lots and lots of OTP awesomeness which shifts from cuteness to hotness and more. I love that our couple is so honest in their feelings for each other. Also it’s nice to see that Joo Eun has the purpose of loosing her weight, which is due to health issues. I didn’t get why she initially went for it — maybe on a whim and not as a plan. And what do I say about the way So Ji Sub looks at her, especially how much he is mesmerized by her dimple — swoooon.

The preview is out for episode 9 and looks like Young Ho still suffers from some pain due to his leg. I was fearing that he would try to drag Joo Eun away from him but the last seen with them on the bed (!) gives me hope that all is well. Can’t wait for more. And please Show, can I also get some hot kisses as the chemistry between So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah is explosive.


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