Rain returns to dramaland with ‘Goodbye My Beloved’


I’m always elated to read news about Rain‘s acting projects. I’ve always loved him, right from the time when I watched Full House (the horrible fashion notwithstanding) and that grew with his awesome turn in flawed but totally entertaining Fugitive Plan B. I was greatly disappointed with his drama comeback after military service, She’s So Lovable, which was a snoozefest across the board with a very weak chemistry between the main couple. I dropped it after a few episodes. I feared that Rain would not return to small screen for some time but I’m happy to report that he has been confirmed to star in upcoming fantasy drama for SBS named Goodbye My Beloved.

The show is a remake of a Japanese novel Mr. Tsubakiyama’s Seven Days and the story is about a department store manager who dies due to overwork and he is granted a short time to return to the living world in the body of a young woman. The female lead has not been confirmed yet but the offer was turned down by Kang So Ra (saaaaad) and currently Oh Yeon Seo (Shine Or Go Crazy) is in talks to join. I haven’t seen any of her works except a few episodes of Baby Faced Beauty where her character annoyed me a lot. Lee Min Jung (Cunning Single Lady) is also courted for the role of a perfect housewife (I’m a bit surprised as she plays main leads but this sounds like a second lead role) and Honey Lee (Modern Farmer) as a former actress turned housewife.

Among the confirmed cast, Rain will play the love interest to the heroine (on paper, it’s sounding less important but I’m sure there is more to it), Kim Su Ro (A Gentleman’s Dignity) plays the soul who returns to complete unfinished business and Choi Won Young (Twenty Again, I love this actor!) as a divorcee.

I don’t think the plot is anything new but there is always room to add something fresh through execution and content. And of course, acting and chemistry. Goodbye My Beloved  will be helmed by the PD of Rooftop Prince and Ugly Alert and penned by the writer of movie 200-Pound Beauty. It will première after Remember—Son’s War wraps up.

4 thoughts on “Rain returns to dramaland with ‘Goodbye My Beloved’

  1. Kay

    Yay! Can’t wait to see Rain in this 🙂 Full House was my first kdrama, so I’ll always love him. I also hope that Oh Yeon Seo takes this. I really loved her in Shine or Go Crazy and can easily see her doing a role like this. I’m pretty excited for this one!

    1. snow Post author

      Really! It was your first drama…then I’m sure it will always have a special place in your heart 🙂
      Thanks for sharing your view on OYS as now I can be happy for her being cast opposite Rain.

  2. Elle

    I was stopping by to say Happy New Year, but got distracted by your post on Rain. I luuuurve him too! Forever fan here. I can’t wait for this drama to start airing. You’re right–She’s So Loveable was just bad. I kept watching and watching trying to convince myself that it was okay until I just couldn’t anymore. This new one sounds interesting, so I’ve got my fingers crossed!

    1. snow Post author

      Yay for another Rain fan!! Please do try Fugitive Plan B when you get time — he is just so awesome in that show…
      Let’s hope this upcoming show is really good….and does justice to his talent and charm 🙂


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