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Hey guys

A very good morning to all of you. I’m happy to report that I’m back on regular mode of blogging. At least I hope so. I miss this place and can’t wait to talk about dramas. Although I have decreased my blogging frequency, I have been watching dramas β€” a great way to balance all the stress. So here is the summary of my drama-watching:

Answer Me 1988 (completed 7 episodes)

I LOVE this show! It has loads and loads of warmth, bromance, friendship, family moments and love. Yes, they didn’t follow with their promise of not showing any who-is-the-husband game but frankly speaking, I don’t mind it as I’m so not into any shipping wars and I love each one of the characters, so even if it’s natural to root for one guy, my heart will break for the other.

I Remember You (completed 5 episodes)

This show is growing on me with each episode. I’m so disappointed with the incompetent cops but the main story is good. And Seo In Guk β™₯

Oh My Venus (completed 12 episodes)

This is the only currently airing show that I’m up-to-date with. I love the OTP and the bromance of the three guys. Rest everything is a big fat bore.

Year End Review

I’m planning to complete some shows before writing my year-end review.