‘Moorim School’ with Lee Hyun Woo premieres tomorrow


The upcoming KBS drama Moorim School looks weird but intriguing. The story based on a school that teaches martial arts and life lessons, the costumes worn by the heroine, some posters showing a Hogwarts-like feel, an idol ending up studying here — the mix looks outlandish. Lee Hyun Woo plays a top star whose career ends due to some unfortunate incident and he then starts attending this school. Seo Ye Ji plays the heroine who is a hardworking girl and secretly attends the school. Pop group VIXX‘s Hong Bin stars as a spoiled rich kid while Jung Yoo Jin is in the role of headmaster’s daughter, which is played by Shin Hyun Joon. The cast consists of actors from other countries as well.

One of the posters show the whole cast, students and teachers, in a light, cheerful vibe while the other one gives a darker feel. I’m not sure what to expect from the tone or plot but color me interested. Also, I’m looking forward to seeing Lee Hyun Woo in his lead role in a drama and as a bonus, Lee Bum Soo is doing a cameo.

Moorim School is directed by the PD of Prime Minister And I and written by the writer of Sincerity Moves Heaven. It will start airing tomorrow as the new Monday-Tuesday drama on KBS.

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8 thoughts on “‘Moorim School’ with Lee Hyun Woo premieres tomorrow

  1. Timescout

    Another one that can easily turn out to be a proper mess but I like tha idea. Especially as I’ve watched bit of wuxia recently, heh. Fun fact; Murim/Moorim (martial arts) is Wulin in Chinese.

    1. snow Post author

      Thanks for some language lesson…hehe…what is a wuxia? I’ve heard that word a lot of times but didn’t get the meaning…

      1. binisun

        Yes! I’ve just discovered “Healer” and watched everything. It was so amazing that I’ll try not to have too much high expectations concerning my next dramas (Moorim School for instance which looks from another planet), though it’s not easy 😉


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