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I normally have to drag my feet when I think about giving a medical drama a try. I just don’t like the episodic feel of it, add some hospital politics and I’m as excited as I would be to watch paint dry. But I’m super excited for Doctors (even the name is so unimaginative!) as it stars two of my favorites — Kim Rae Won (who is my first K-actor crush as his movie My Little Bride was my first anything Korean) and Park Shin Hye (love her since You’re Beautiful). And oh my, they are looking gorgeous here! I can’t get enough of how lovely Kim Rae Won looks in this drama — I keep on swooning again and again.

The supporting cast includes Yoon Kyun Sang (reuniting with Park Shin Hye after Pinocchio), Lee Sung Kyung (who totally annoyed me with her eye expressions in Cheese In The Trap, hoping to not feel the same here) and Ji Soo (last seen in short drama Page Turner; I haven’t seen him in anything but he looks so cute).

Doctors is about a girl (Park Shin Hye) who was rebellious in her teenage days as she had a difficult childhood. She has shut her heart from everyone but she gets inspired after meeting Kim Rae Won, who plays her biology teacher and then years later, they reunite when they both work in the same hospital. I just hope there is no love line in the student-teacher phase of their lives. I wish they didn’t bring this reunion thing and just presented them as colleagues in the hospital!

Lee Sung Kyung plays our heroine’s rival, right from school time all the way to the current hospital period (why is everyone sharing a history! So boring). She likes Yoon Kyun Sang, who plays a very rich man who becomes a surgeon to avoid inheriting his own business. Ji Soo plays Park Shin Hye’s high school classmate.

Everything looks very generic but I like the plot of a heroine changing into a better person and learning to be compassionate. Just don’t include any romance in the high school life, please Show. Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye are looking great together and after his dark turn in Punch, I’m so excited to see him returning to a warm character as he is so awesome at it.

Doctors is premiering tomorrow as the new Monday-Tuesday drama for SBS. The show is directed by the PD of You From Another Star and comes from the writer of High Society.

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