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I think something as impossible as holding the wind with a net just happened. I’m actually excited for not one, but two medical dramas. Guess what, they are premiering in the same slot on same day! I already wrote about Doctors, so it’s time for the competitor, which is Beautiful Mind. It was previously named Dr. Frankenstein and was passed on by a slew of actors — Kim So Hyun, Yoo Ah In, Lee Jong Suk, Choi Jin Hyuk. Finally, Jang Hyuk confirmed the drama and that increased my interest a lot, along with the suspense-filled plot description. I’m a lover of mystery genre after all. Then came more actors and now, I’m waiting for the show with bells on.

Jang Hyuk plays a genius neurosurgeon who can’t feel any emotions. He gets entangled in a mystery when his patients start dying mysteriously. Park So Dam (Beacuse It’s The First Time) stars as a detective in the violent crimes division and I like that she is thankfully not playing another doctor in the hospital. The other cast members include Yoon Hyun Min (Falling for Innocence), Park Se Young (School 2013) and Oh Jung Se (Vampire Detective).

The show has very less time to shoot before its airing date (the channel aired 4 episode drama Baek Hee Has Returned to give it some time) and kudos to the whole team to do this difficult job. The posters give us the feel of our hero being emotionless due to some brain injury. Also, the heroine would help him to heal, as said by another poster. Beautiful Mind has PD of Dream High 2 and writer of Sungkyunkwan Scandal behind the camera and it will premiere today as the new Monday and Tuesday drama for KBS.


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