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‘Black Knight’ arrives tomorrow with Kim Rae Won and Shin Se Kyung

This one surely looks very melodramatic, albeit laced with a fantasy premise. Kim Rae Won looks super handsome. Period. Lol. Just kidding! I have dropped so many shows with my favorites in the past and hence, Black Knight will be judged by other factors as well. He plays a businessman who has a golden heart and Shin Se Kyung plays a Continue reading

Kim Rae Won and Shin Se Kyung to star together in KBS fantasy romance ‘Black Knight’

It’s a well-known fact in The Drama Corner arena that 2004 movie My Little Bride was my entry into K entertainment. I absolutely loved it! I was hoping for a Kim Rae Won and Moon Geun Young drama reunion as their pair was so cute in the film. Well, we Continue reading

Kim Rae Won returns to big screen with horror mystery ‘RV: Resurrected Victims’

The new film starring Kim Rae Won and Kim Hae Sook surely looks creepy and intriguing. RV: Resurrected Victims (or Resurrection) is a horror-mystery-thriller that centers around the theme of dead coming back to the living world in order to avenge their deaths. Kim Rae Won (Doctors) plays a prosecutor and Kim Hae Sook (I Hear Your Voice) plays his mother. She died 7 years ago and ever since, the hero is

Continue reading