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I was already thrilled for W–Two Worlds when I didn’t know about the plot, as I love the leads Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo. But the story sounds equally great. It’s one thing when you get excited when a star returns to dramaland after a long time and it’s another level of happiness when you have already seen (and loved) that actor before in a drama (in this case, Shining Inheritance) and are waiting eagerly for them for so long. Finally, it’s here — Han Hyo Joo’s comeback to small screen!

We only knew that the drama is about two people who live in different world. Now the details throw light on what it really meant — Han Hyo Joo stars as a surgeon who is warm-hearted and compassionate. She is the daughter of a well-known webtoon artist. Lee Jong Suk plays a fictional hero of his webtoon — which means he is not real. One day the artist goes missing and Han Hyo Joo somehow enters the fictional world of the comics. I really love this concept as it involves lots of adventure, mystery, thrills, and room for romance and fun with high stakes. The plot is so unique.

W–Two Worlds is written by the writer of Nine, Queen In Hyun’s Man and Three Musketeers — another factor to look forward to as all her shows were amazing. The PD is that of She Was Pretty and Cunning Single Lady. The drama takes over the Wednesday-Thursday slot on MBC and starts airing from July 20. Can’t wait!


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