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It was love at first sight for me when it comes to Yeon Woo Jin, from the moment I saw him for the first time in that lovely, sunny opening track of Marriage Not Dating and since then, I always get excited to see him in something new. His follow-up show Divorce Lawyer In love just went under the radar and I couldn’t find time to start it but I’m bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, all set to watch his newest drama Introverted Boss. It looks funny and encompasses one of my favourite tropes — workplace and romance-comedy.

Introverted Boss stars Yeon Woo Jin as the titular boss of a PR firm who is extremely introvert in nature and can’t make any eye contacts with anyone and remains aloof and alone. This leads to his image of being an arrogant and rude person. Park Hye Soo (the cute and sweet maknae from Age Of Youth) plays a new employee who is exact opposite of him — full of energy and an extrovert of highest degree. She has some personal grudge towards the hero. The workplace setting has cast members in the form of Yoon Park (a sort of reunion as he played the sweet chef in Age Of Youth) and Ye Ji Won (This Week My Wife Will Have An Affair).

The icing on the cake is the fact that Introverted Boss has the team of Marriage Not Dating behind it, the PD and the writer. I loved that show a lot — it was really funny, quirky, feel-good with an amazing couple at its centre. I’m expecting the same fun, modern vibe from this one as well.

I love the posters — one of them features Yeon Woo Jin in the same colour as the background, his office, trying to hide by doing so and Park Hye Soo is sporting a sparkling bright attire, just like the person she plays.

Introverted Boss premieres this Monday on tvN — my favourite channel!

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