OCN surprises by premiering a rom-com ‘My Secret Romance’ this April

I had to do a double take when I read that the cable channel known for dark, gritty, serious thrillers, OCN, will be airing a romantic comedy show! Yep guys, this news is surprising but refreshing. Not only that, it looks like your typical classic candy floss rom-com drama (that we all LOVE, heh), which again is surprising as I thought being a cable network, it would choose something offbeat and different. Anyway, I’m totally excited for My Secret Romance as it is just what the doctor ordered. It definitely reminds me of fluffy Taiwanese romcoms from its posters.

My Secret Romance stars Sung Hoon (Oh My Venus) as a son of a rich family who is a playboy who dates casually and does not believe in serious commitments. Song Ji Eun (of Kpop group Secret) plays a conservative nutritionist. Both of them have a one night stand and part ways after that. Three years later, they meet again as they are working in the same company. Cue awkward, bickering and romantic hijinks. The plot definitely looks ready for a Mills & Boon novel.

I really liked Sung Hoon in Oh My Venus — he is so handsome! Song Ji Eun has done dramas like The Superman Age and daily Sweet Home, Sweet Honey; I haven’t seen her in anything before. But the couple looks cute together.

My Secret Romance is cent percent pre-produced and directed by the PD of 1% Of Anything — another sweet, romantic show (that I can’t wait to start — just need some free time!!) praised for its romantic chemistry and plot. The script is penned by a new writer. It premieres on 17 April as a Monday-Tuesday drama — a new time slot for OCN.

12 thoughts on “OCN surprises by premiering a rom-com ‘My Secret Romance’ this April

  1. dramaobsessedpinup

    I am super excited about this drama for a few reasons. I really like Sung Hoon from Noble,my love and Oh My Venus. I have been hoping he would play a lead character for a romantic full length drama soon 😀 And I think it is really cool that Dramafever is producing or helping with the production somehow because they are simulcasting it which means it should air on the channel with no wait time. Yay!

    1. snow Post author

      Oh I didn’t know that DF is producing and simulcasting it! 🙂
      It’s great that cable channels give chance to many actors to play lead roles and prove themselves.

  2. Timescout

    “your typical classic candy floss rom-com drama (that we all LOVE, heh)” Ummm… not me, generally. 😀

    Surprisingly, I really liked 1% of Anything, a romantic kdrama done right. Big thanks go to the director, I’m sure. 🙂 I’ll probably give this one a go to see if it’s worth me time. I’m all out of ‘fluff de jour’ now that 愿有人陪你颠沛流离 is over (such a sweet little drama that was, wish there were subs). Anyways, in all likelihood My Secret Romance is going to be quite pretty, in more ways than one. *g*

    1. snow Post author

      Hahaha….I know Timescout! 😛
      I do love a harmless fluffy drama if it has minimum negative characters (read: zero) and loads of romance.
      I really want to watch 1% of anything…great that you also liked it! Hopefully My secret Romance will be good and yes, pretty!!

  3. Kay

    I was so surprised this was picked up by OCN too, lol. But I’m really looking forward to this one because it looks like a classic fun and fluffy romance 🙂

  4. zitaliam

    Haha?..a Mill & Boon novel…. I have not heard of this term for a long long long time. Yup, most rom-com of kdrama can easily falls under ir.


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