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Now that the dust is settled on the plethora of premieres that were too overwhelming to receive at such a fast pace, it’s time to see how the rating chart has been shaken up. I don’t really believe that there is directly proportional relationship between a drama rating and its quality or how good it is (which is also subjective, especially in case of Kdramas), but it’s good to check out which cast and crew ruled the hearts of majority of domestic viewers — no small feat in this era of online viewing and multiple entertainment options.

For the Monday-Tuesday slot, the new premieres included KBS’s Fight My Way, MBC’s Lookout, SBS’s My Sassy Girl and tvN’s Circle — every show very different in genre and mood. I would have bet my money on sageuk rom-com My Sassy Girl to be the top drama, after so much hype and anticipation due to its cast and plot based on same name blockbuster film that came in 2001. But guess what, a simple romantic comedy has won the race with Fight My Way recording 11.4% for its latest episode 6. Another new thing happening is the division of one hour episode into 2 for each day by some broadcasters, which makes things and episode counts more confusing. But anyway, second spot is taken by My Sassy Girl, followed by thriller Lookout in the third place. There is not much difference between these drama ratings though. Sci-fi thriller Circle is a cable show so can’t really compare its numbers with other three, but still for tvN’s past shows for the same days, the drama is under-performing but still seeing some increment from past week.

Coming onto the Wednesdays and Thursdays, Ruler—Master of the Mask and Suspicious Partner were way into their run when new kid on the block, historical romance Seven Day Queen started its run last week. Ultimately, Ruler—Master of the Mask of MBC comes first, then SBS’s Suspicious Partner and Seven Day Queen of KBS in the rear.

Talking about the weekends, the shows get very high ratings as compared to weekdays. Father Is Strange is ruling the charts for KBS, with You’re Too Much (MBC), Good Thief, Bad Thief (MBC) and Sister Is Alive (SBS) having more or less similar numbers. Man To Man ended this week with good numbers throughout its run, The Best Hit‘s rating is increasing each week and newest drama Forest Of Secrets also got a decent start. Duel takes the last place.

Nearly every show has an audience without any huge hit. I guess it’s the case of different strokes for different folks and hence, viewers are choosing whatever is floating their boat.