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Rating Report Card: ‘Fight My Way’, ‘Ruler—Master of the Mask’ top their respective slots

Now that the dust is settled on the plethora of premieres that were too overwhelming to receive at such a fast pace, it’s time to see how the rating chart has been shaken up. I don’t really believe that there is directly proportional relationship between a drama rating and its quality or how good it is (which is also subjective, especially in case of Kdramas), but it’s good to check out which cast and crew ruled the hearts of majority of domestic viewers — no small feat in this era of online viewing and multiple entertainment options. Continue reading

MBC’s ‘Bad Thief, Good Thief’ has a new take on weekend dramas

So much has been said about the clichéd nature of weekend kdramas including my own multiple posts. But then there are definitely exceptions that can be seen and one more to join that list is upcoming MBC weekender Bad Thief, Good Thief (or Thief-nom, Thief-nim). The drama is about a group of thieves who act like Robin Hood and thus steal from the corrupt as well as powerful and try to cause damage to them. This faction has Ji Hyun Woo (Queen In Hyun’s Man) as its leader. Continue reading