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Jaejoong got discharged from mandatory military service last December and he is finally making a comeback to acting with KBS drama Manhole. It is a fantasy romance with travelling through time as its main theme. Jaejoong was last seen in thriller drama Spy in 2015. UEE has signed on to play the female lead. I loved to hate her in You’re Beautiful and since then she has done lots of main lead roles. Personally, I found her splendid in Ho Goo’s Love. Her last acting project was melodrama Night Light, which I actually intend to watch. The pairing seems like the one I would have never imagined but has a fresh element on the other hand. I have seen Jaejoong in only Protect The Boss and he was quite charming in it.

Manhole is about an unemployed guy, played by Jaejoong, who is studying for civil services exam from past three years. He is the typical neighbourhood guy who is also immature and lazy. UEE plays his next door neighbour who starts seeing him in a different light as her marriage date comes closer and closer. The time slip factor comes into play when one day our hero travels back in time in order to prevent a wedding, which is happening in near future.

Manhole will be helmed by the PD of The Vineyard Man and Flowers For My Life, and writer of thriller Special Affairs Team TEN and its sequel. The plot is nothing new but I do find the main lead’s character interesting. He sounds like a beta male and UEE can definitely pull off an alpha female efficiently. The show will take up the Wednesday-Thursday slot on KBS after currently airing sageuk melo Seven Day Queen ends in August. I’m on the fence regarding my interest but the needle might shift on either side of anticipation meter as the premiere date comes close.

On a hilarious note, Manhole has a funny English title of Manhole: Feel So Good *LOL*