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Battleship Island is an upcoming movie that boasts amazing star cast with an epic backdrop for its central premise. The stars include some of the biggest names of film and dramas — Hwang Jung Min, Song Joong Ki and So Ji Sub and the film is set in an island called Battleship Island (the name given due to its distinct shape). During the period of World War II, when Korea was under Japanese occupation, this land, the Hashima Island, was the site of forced labour where hundreds of Korean civilians were forced to work in the underground mines under extremely harsh conditions. The movie is a historical fiction about their attempt to escape from this world of injustice and inhumanity.

Hwang Jung Min (The Wailing) plays a musician who, while taking his daughter to Japan, gets transferred to Hashima Island. So Ji Sub (Master’s Sun) plays a street fighter and Song Joong Ki (Descendants Of The Sun) takes up the role of a Korean independence fighter who goes undercover to this place in order to help a fellow independence fighter held captive there to escape. All these people, along with the 400 prisoners team up to conduct a gargantuan prison break. The story sounds like it would pack in a great combination of freedom, patriotism, bravery, hope, unity and dare.

Hwang Jung Min mostly works in films, with only two TV dramas till date, 2009’s Accidental Couple and 2012’s Korean Peninsula. So Ji Sub keeps a balance between his dramas and movies, A Company Man being his last project for the silver screen in 2012. Song Joong Ki mostly does dramas but has done considerable number of films with A Werewolf Boy being his last, that came before his mandatory military service in 2012.

Battleship Island is directed by Ryu Seung Wan, who is reuniting with Hwang Jung Min after the huge blockbuster of 2015, thriller Veteran. He has also helmed films like The Berlin File and No Blood No Tears. Battleship Island looks very authentic in its promo material, depicting that era and circumstances perfectly. Having finished the shooting in December 2016, the movie is releasing on 27 July.