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2017 seems like a year with copious quantity of fantasy and thrillers in terms of drama genres, but if you think about it, the year has also had a fair share of quintessential romantic comedies — Fight My Way, Strongest Deliveryman, Introverted Boss, The Liar And His Lover, My Secret Romance — and there are many in the works to be broadcast in the remaining months. One such addition comes in the form of tvN’s This Life Is Our First, a cohabitation romance starring Lee Min Ki (Dalja’s Spring) and Jung So Min (Father Is Strange) in the lead roles. He plays a man who decides to never get married. He owns a house, but in order to meet his financial needs, he allows Jung So Min’s character to live there. The show recently held its first script reading and from the stills, we can see many more cast mates. Esom, (who has mostly done movies; Scarlet Innocence, Like For Likes to name a few), Kim Ga Eun (Reunited Worlds), Park Byung Eun (Mystery Queen) and Kim Min Suk (he seems to be in every drama these days; he has done Defendant, Age Of Youth 2 this year). Looks like we are going to get three sets of couples here, always a good thing in my book.

I really want This Life Is Our First to hit all the right notes of romance and fun, having all the bells and whistles along with some depth. The show arrives in October and comes from the screenwriter of Ho Goo’s Love and Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, which gives me hope that it will have a slice-of-life feel to it. Yay.