So Ji Sub and Son Ye Jin pair up for movie ‘Be With You’

Well, this is one elegant couple! So Ji Sub is heading to silver screen again as his next project after recent period film Battleship Island, his last small screen appearance being in 2015 drama Oh My Venus. He has confirmed to star in a fantasy romance movie titled Be With You (also, I’m on My Way to Meet You), which is based on a Japanese novel Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu. The book has spawned a Japanese movie (2004) as well as a Japanese TV show (2005), both of the same moniker, Be With You. Son Ye Jin, who won accolades and awards for her 2016 movie The Last Princess, will be his leading lady. Her last TV drama was melo Shark back in 2013.

Be With You conflates romance and fantasy elements with a melodramatic bent. It is a story of a widower with a six-year-old son. The son remembers the promise made by his mother before she died, which is that she will be back after one year on a rainy day. And as life goes by, one day the father-son duo come across a woman who has an uncanny resemblance to the wife/mother but with no knowledge of her own identity. They take her home and try to make her recollect her past memories. But with the discovery of the wife’s old diary, new revelations come into picture.

The plot definitely sounds mysterious but as I said, the feel looks more melancholic and poignant, rather than some suspense fare. The supporting cast includes Lee Joon Hyuk (City Hunter, Forest Of Secrets), Son Yeo Eun (Defendant) and Go Chang Suk (a movie/drama veteran — Kill Me, Heal Me, The Con Artists, Secretly Greatly). Child actor Kim Ji Hwan will play the son, with variety show Produce 101 Season 2’s Lee Yoo Jin taking up So Ji Sub’s teenage counterpart role and Kim Hyun Soo (Solomon’s Perjury, You From Another Star) playing the younger version of Son Ye Jin’s character during the high school days.

Be With You will be debut direction project for Lee Jang Hoon. The filming has already begun for the movie with a release date sometime in 2018. This is actually a reunion for So Ji Sub and Son Ye Jin as they both starred in 2001’s drama Delicious Proposal where she was the main lead and he played second lead to main lead Jung Joon. Wow! It has been 16 years! It is as true as apple is a fruit but makes me feel so old! Where did the time go!

2 thoughts on “So Ji Sub and Son Ye Jin pair up for movie ‘Be With You’

  1. Indigo

    It’s sounds too melo, so I probably won’t be checking it out. But I admit, the pairing sounds good. Even before I read this post I wondered if the two of them had worked together before, because they’ve both been around quite a while and at one point had have been paired up for something. I was right, Delicious Proposal. I don’t know the drama but I had a feeling 😀

    1. snow Post author

      Haha…IKR! I too had a feeling they were together…then after some research I got to know about their 2001 drama. I heard about it but never thought of watching it.


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