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I think the new tvN drama This Life Is Our First (also, Because This Is My First Life — but it’s so much like Because It’s The First Time! This Life Is Our First is 100 times preferable) progressed with lightning speed as just recently it confirmed its cast, and now it’s soon arriving to light up our weekdays as it premieres on 9 October. I was already super-duper excited as the leads are Lee Min Ki (Dalja’s Spring) and Jung So Min (Playful Kiss, Father Is Strange), with cohabitation as the central theme. But I’m also ecstatic on seeing multiple couples, which is something I always enjoy. This Life Is Our First is primarily a love story between a house poor guy and a girl who is desperately in search of a house. The icing on the cake is our hero’s resolution of not getting married ever! The other two couples comprise of Esom (Scarlet Innocence) and Park Byung Eun (Mystery Queen), and Kim Min Suk (Doctors, Age Of Youth 2) and Kim Ga Eun (Reunited Worlds, I Hear Your Voice).

Esom and Kim Ga Eun play best friends to Jung So Min’s character. Kim Go Eun plays a restaurant manager who dreams of marrying a rich man and becoming a house wife. Kim Min Suk plays her boyfriend of 7 years, who is a genius programmer working as a Chief Technology Officer at a startup firm. He is a dedicated boyfriend who wants his girlfriend to fulfil her dreams and thus give her a stable life. Esom plays a character who believes in casual dating without any serious commitment. She is the CEO of a startup. Park Byung Eun stars as CEO of another company, the one where our hero works. He is the kind of person who is direct, simple and straight when he starts liking anyone.

This Life Is Our First, handling its multifarious lovelines, looks cute, trendy and fun. The posters exude the same sentiment. It will be a Monday-Tuesday drama, helmed by the PD of Let’s Eat and Rude Miss Young Ae franchisees and screenwriter of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and Ho Goo’s Love. The behind the scene talent is contributing in raising the excitement and hopes, with Yoon Doo Joon‘s (Let’s Eat) cameo as cherry on top!

So excited!