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JTBC brings romantic melodrama ‘The Wind Blows’ this week with Kam Woo Sung and Kim Ha Neul

JTBC is known for bringing quality content in dramaland and hence, despite a premise that is done many time before — reunion of a separated couple — there is hope that the new show The Wind Blows will be something different and quality-wise good. It stars Kam Woo Sung and Kim Ha Neul as a couple who meets after 6 years since their divorce. They were happily married but the husband is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and hence, in order to not make his wife suffer, he divorces her. Continue reading

‘Because This Life Is Our First’ OST: In love with it!

I’m pretty late to the party of last year’s Because This Life Is Our First lovers but better late than never! I completely loved the drama except some last minute hiccups. Among the oodles of reasons for the adoration, the soundtrack of the show is a prime highlight. It is very soothing, soft, low-key and yet very strong. Not only on the main central couple, but the songs are played on the other two secondary couples as well, who also are an important part of the story and its meaning. So here is the list of songs that are continuously on loop since I completed the show: Continue reading

Colourful and cute posters for ‘This Life is Our First’ which arrives in October with Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min

I think the new tvN drama This Life Is Our First (also, Because This Is My First Life — but it’s so much like Because It’s The First Time! This Life Is Our First is 100 times preferable) progressed with lightning speed as just recently it confirmed its cast, and now it’s soon arriving to light up our weekdays as it premieres on 9 October. I was Continue reading

Ji Hyun Woo headlines JTBC drama ‘Awl’


Awl is the forthcoming drama on cabel channel JTBC and stars Ji Hyun Woo in the lead role. It certainly has a low buzz surrounding it but has all the signs of becoming the dark horse in this never-ending race of TV shows and popularity. I loved Ji Hyun Woo as the hero with brains and gentleman qualities in time travel romance Queen In Hyun’s Man. He then went for mandatory military service and made a comeback with disappointing Trot Lovers (his hair in that show was one of the reasons I was hesitant to even give it a try. It didn’t help that the reviews were all negative across the board). Now he is coming back with a show about struggle of common man and it’s quite a departure from his last few roles. In a good way of course. Continue reading