‘Suits’ gets a Korean remake with Jang Dong Gun and Park Hyung Shik

I don’t know if I wanted a Korean remake for Suits, as I absolutely love Harvey and Mike and their AWESOME bromance. And I wonder if I want anyone else to channel the same? Dramaland has dipped toes in the American shows’ remakes water with mixed results in the past, with dramas receiving great (The Good Wife) praise, straight negative reviews (Entourage) and some being mediocre (Criminal Minds). KBS is planning the Suits remake and has lined up a top-notch cast with Jang Dong Gun (returning to small screen after 2012’s A Gentleman’s Dignity) and Park Hyung Shik (who is getting tonnes of love after continuous success with Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, High Society and What’s With The Family).

Suits is a legal drama with humour and relationships at its core. The show started in 2011 and is still going strong, with season 7 being wrapped up this September. Jang Dong Gun will play the counterpart to charismatic Harvey Specter, one of the smartest lawyers in town. Park Hyung Shik takes up the role of Mike Ross (natch), a man with an exceptional memory. Suits takes us into an interesting turn of events in the lives of these two men when Harvey hires Mike as his associate in his law firm — even though the latter is a college drop out but impresses Harvey with his law skills and knowledge (he makes money by sitting illegally for bar exams for others). We have many more interesting characters populating the world of this popular show which encompasses humour, drama, wit, fun and of course, romance. I have seen 4 seasons of Suits and due to time constraints, it’s on hold. It does get episodic a bit (for my taste at least) and hence, the drive for can’t-wait-for-next-episode became less later on. On an additional note, I totally ship Harvey and Donna (Yes, I’m a romantic at heart. Can’t help it!)

I’m not sure if we are going to use the same moniker for the Korean remake of Suits. It is slated to air sometime in 2018 and has confirmed the PD of Mystery Queen who was also second PD for Healer and Good Doctor. The writer is Kim Jung Min, who looks like a new one. For now, I’m on the fence regarding the drama, my interest going either way in future.

6 thoughts on “‘Suits’ gets a Korean remake with Jang Dong Gun and Park Hyung Shik

  1. Chaerin

    I don’t watch Suits but I’ll definitely watch this. I won’t have anything to compare it to so I can just enjoy it for what it is. And from the summary, it sounds like Hyung Sik will be perfect for his role.

    1. snow Post author

      It’s a good thing that you have not seen the original Suits. You can simply enjoy the K version as an independent show. I hope it’s good…*trying to keep an open mind*

      But yes, the cast looks perfect for the two roles. Have not seen JDG in anything but read many good things about him.

  2. OhKay

    I didn’t know this was in the works, but now I’m excited! I watched the first few seasons of Suits and loved it so I’ll be interested to see the Korean version.


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