Preview for ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim’ Episode 3

I just started What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (also, Why Secretary Kim) so it’s too early for me to gauge a first impression (had to put it on hold for some other work) but I liked what I saw in few minutes into the show. I got some idea about the characters, though the dynamics I still have to observe. The drama garnered good ratings in its premiere week on tvN — 5.8% and 5.4% for first and second episode respectively (source). Planning to marathon the first 2 episodes very soon and get on the live bandwagon.

For now, here is the preview of episode 3:

(Credit to the uploader)

7 thoughts on “Preview for ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim’ Episode 3

      1. dramajunkie

        I watched till 6 episodes and although it is a Chaebol dramas and it has cliches like childhood trauma, rich guy poor girl, it isn’t cringy at all. It is very different from many kdramas of same genre.

  1. Timescout

    I’m not a romcom person much so I guess that’s one reason I’m not loving it the way so many are. 🙂 I already know after seeing the first 2 episodes that I won’t continue beyond that. I couldn’t get into the drama the way I was sort of hoping, I’d love a good romcom but this just wasn’t it. There’s something missing, no idea what yet.

    1. snow Post author

      I have only seen first episode and it was an okay watch. Let’s see if I will continue or not.
      Maybe too much praise is making you feel this way…😁
      Hopefully you will find something in the remaining part of the year that will click all romance buttons for you 😀


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