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2018: Year In Review

My 7th year end review! Wohoo! Can’t believe this journey has completed so many years. I’m so, so happy that I watched more dramas in 2018, as compared to the previous 2017 where the total was my lowest to date, only 3. I’m so ready to make a new year resolution with respect to dramaland — watch at least 10 dramas. LOL. Continue reading

REVIEW: What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (2018)

If you are in a mood for something light, funny, easy and feel-good to a tee, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim is a perfect destination. Nothing too serious or too deep here, but it will surely make you smile from ear to ear by the time it ends. Continue reading

Preview for ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim’ Episode 9

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim has completed half distance of its run and the ratings, popularity and praise does not seem to stop any soon. I want to marathon all the available episodes as soon as possible so that I can also gush over it! The drama is based on a Continue reading

Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min to do a guest appearance in ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim’

Hearts in my eyes!

I LOVED Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min in Because This Life Is Our First — their chemistry was just off the charts. And hence, my happy dance on hearing that the duo will be making a guest appearance on currently airing hit Korean drama What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (or Why Secretary Kim), the ratings for which just keep on increasing week after week. I have only seen Continue reading

Preview for ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim’ Episode 3

I just started What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (also, Why Secretary Kim) so it’s too early for me to gauge a first impression (had to put it on hold for some other work) but I liked what I saw in few minutes into the show. I got some idea about the characters, though the dynamics I still have to observe. The drama garnered good ratings in its premiere week on tvN — 5.8% and 5.4% for first and second episode respectively (source). Planning to marathon the first 2 episodes very soon and get on the live bandwagon. Continue reading