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A new daily is on its way to MBC as Secret And Lies is premiering next week. The drama stars relatively new actress Seo Hae Won (she has acted in supporting roles in shows like Man Who Dies to Live and Miss Korea) in the lead role, along with former member of Kpop group Rainbow, Oh Seung Ah (Sea of the Woman), as her rival. Seo Hae Won plays a bright and optimistic girl whose life gets ruined after her best friend betrays her. Cue: all makjang elements — tears, revenge, melodrama with some dose of romance. The male cast is completed by Kim Kyung Nam, who is a daily drama regular (see: Return of Bok Dan JiWorking Mom Parenting Daddy) and Lee Joong Moon of Warm And Cozy fame. Veteran actress Lee Il Hwa of Answer Me franchise also costars.

Secret And Lies comes from the screenwriter of Family Secrets and PD of Princess Aurora. As is the case with dailies, the show plans to have around 120 episodes and will air from Monday to Friday. It premieres on 25th June.