‘God’s Quiz’ returns with season 5 as ‘God’s Quiz: Reboot’

Korean dramas are known (and loved) for their one season, less-than-20-episodes (well, in most cases) format and it’s rare to see a drama getting more than one installment. Of course, there are exceptions like Let’s Eat, Rude Miss Young Ae, Mystery Queen, Vampire Prosecutor and God’s Quiz. The God’s Quiz franchise has a huge fan following and now it is coming with its fifth season as God’s Quiz: Reboot. It began in 2010 and is about a team of doctors and forensic scientists who solve mysterious events and deaths using science. 

Ryu Duk Hwan (Miss Hammurabi) returns as the central character of Han Jin Woo who comes back after 4 years to work with the medical examiner office and tries to find out the truth behind a rare disease and mysterious crime. Yoon Joo Hee (Risky Romance) also returns as the detective working with him and Kim Jae Won (Let Me Introduce Her, May Queen) is a new addition to the cast.

 God’s Quiz: Reboot has PD of Secret Of The Birth and Spring Days and writer of Vampire Prosecutor behind the camera. It starts airing from November 14 on OCN.

4 thoughts on “‘God’s Quiz’ returns with season 5 as ‘God’s Quiz: Reboot’

  1. Timescout

    I liked the first two seasons but I’m vicariously pretending the rest don’t exist. 😁 I may take a peak on this one, on case it really is a reboot of the beginning.

    1. snow Post author

      Haha…I have not seen the series, so not excited personally.
      It feels really bad when a franchise is extended to so many bad sequels or seasons…hopefully this new season will make the fans happy and satisfied 🙂

      1. Timescout

        I’ve now seen the first 2 epis and they weren’t too bad. Much closer to the original premise. Though I do hope they steer away from the “mysterious, secret organisation ” storylines. That’s the part I didn’t really care for. 🙂

        1. snow Post author

          Great that you’re liking it and the drama looks similar to the original seasons that everyone loved.
          Haha…these movies and dramas do love the “secret evil organisations” track so much!


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