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Hey guys

How are you all? It has been pretty busy since past few days and that resulted in this unintended hiatus. I couldn’t post anything! But I was not as busy when it came to drama watching. I completed one of the most popular dramas of 2018, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim and also watched last year’s Suspicious Partner. The wonderful mix of OTP chemistry and melting kisses was surely the common factor among both the shows. I’ve just started Misty as well.

Dramaland saw many premieres (Children Of Nobody aka Red Moon Blue SunThe Last EmpressSky Castle and Top Star Yoo Baek) since I last posted and I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts on them. There are so many dramas I have yet to watch from the 2018 bucket and hopefully I’ll be able to do so, but it seems like a task as difficult as distinguishing colors in the darkness. For now I can only say, fingers crossed!