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If you are in a mood for something light, funny, easy and feel-good to a tee, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim is a perfect destination. Nothing too serious or too deep here, but it will surely make you smile from ear to ear by the time it ends.

The plot is obvious from the title itself. Park Min Young is Kim Mi So, a perfect and uber-efficient secretary to Lee Young Joon, played by Park Seo Joon. Suddenly one day, she submits her resignation and thus begins his quest to find the reason behind it and to make her take back the resignation. And needless to say, they fall in love in the process.

As I mentioned before, the fun factor is the prime element that oils the wheels of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim. From the hilarious shenanigans to dialogues, colourful characters, a comic-like setting — it is a perfect joy ride.

Talking about the main characters, Young Joon is one of the most arrogant ones we have seen in dramaland and so, so funny because of that. Even if he is good at heart and softens later on, this trait remains till the end but in a harmless way. Mi So is of course a terrific heroine. She is sassy, funny, confident, professional, and compassionate. I love how she handles her work so skilfully.

The chemistry between the lead couple, Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon, is amazing and sexy and their romantic journey is another thing that makes this show enjoyable. It’s very funny the number of times they have romantic accidents which lead to romantic eye locks. They are simply cute and caring; but well, for him, at least in later episodes once the love story kick starts. The drama does not hesitate in giving the viewers plenty of couple scenes and certain scenes are more sensual and bolder than what we normally see in dramaland.

But I did have some quibbles regarding their love story and Young Joon’s character path. [SPOILER] In later episodes, it is revealed that he always knew that Mi So is the girl from his childhood and thus helped her in every way he could. And maybe was always in love with her. This actually made my excitement plummet as it defies the whole starting where he was a lot more selfish and inconsiderate towards her, and also against his normal nature. Also, I wanted them to fall for each other together later but then it kind of deflated my liking for their ride as one was kind of already in love. Well, it was never clear when he fell for her. So yeah, maybe he did fall in love later. It’s all blurry. [SPOILER ENDS]

I also think the whole ‘they know each other since childhood’ trope is getting tiring. Why do dramas even need that! We don’t need a childhood, long-lost connection as proof of a relationship’s depth or importance. Additionally, Lee Tae Hwan’s character was bland, and the mystery behind the trauma of the past, involving the three, was excessively protracted.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim‘s plot is very thin and extending it to 16 episodes was nearly impossible. Hence, we got what we get in such cases — lots and lots of filler. Yes, it was cute and beautiful and funny filler, but there is a limit for everything. The last few episodes thus lose the steam of the start once the couple is together.

But I have to say I totally enjoyed not only the main couple, but several others immensely. Chansung as a workaholic and super-miser employee, and Pyo Ye Jin as the sweet colleague to Mi So, form an adorable pair and I completely loved them. Chansung is a revelation as I never knew he is a comedy gold. Then there is the unconventional and unexpected pair of Hwang Bo Ra and Kang Hong Suk, so funny and cute. Especially the latter is totally adorbs. The whole office team is awesome actually. Kang Ki Young, as Young Joon’s best friend, once again impresses with his wonderful comic timing. I also appreciate the fact that for once, we have rich parents who are warm-hearted. As a bonus, there is also an adorable cameo by Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min, reprising their beautiful characters from Because This Life Is Our First (including that lovely song as well!).

Park Min Young is winning with her delightful performance and special shout out for her lovely outfits and those dazzling earrings! But it is surely Park Seo Joon who gives a pitch perfect performance here. He has perfect comic timing and those soft gazes are also winsome.

Bottomline is, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim is a fun and zippy ride with fun characters. Just don’t expect anything deep.

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10