KBS brings daily drama ‘Left-handed Wife’ with Lee Soo Kyung and Kim Jin Woo

The new KBS daily drama Left-handed Wife sounds interesting. It is a story about newly weds, played by Lee Soo Kyung and Kim Jin Woo, who are on a honeymoon when he loses his memory and she is unaware of what happened to her husband. It looks like a thriller with some conspiracy going on, and also melodramatic. I have seen Lee Soo Kyung in Color Of Woman where I found her cute. She has also played lead roles in dramas like Let’s Eat, Dae Mul and My Little Baby. I remember Kim Jin Woo from Queen In Hyun’s Man where he played fellow actor/ ex-boyfriend to Yoo In Na‘s character. His recent projects include Reunited Worlds and daily Strange Family, with a cameo in this year’s Laughter in Waikiki.

Left-handed Wife co-stars Jin Tae Hyun (My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol) and Ha Yun Joo (Goodbye Mr. Black) in the lead roles. It is penned by the screenwriter of shows like You Are My Destiny (2008) and Nameless Woman (2017), both the shows also helmed by the PD of this drama.

Left-handed Wife premieres on January 2.

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