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In the sea of romantic comedies, sageuks and thrillers, we have a family comedy that premiered this past Wednesday on KBS. I’m actually surprised to see it in the weekday slot as these kind of shows are usually aired on weekends. Of course, What’s Wrong, Poong Sang seems quite different from the stereotypical weekend dramas. The show is about five siblings where the eldest one is titular Poong Sang, who spent all his life taking care of his younger brothers and sisters. He has now reached his middle age. Yoo Joon Sang (Heard It Through the Grapevine) plays this main character.

The siblings are played by Oh Ji Ho (My Little Baby) as the second eldest and a carefree guy, Jeon Hye Bin (Life On Mars) as the third who has a cold personality and is a doctor, Lee Si Young (Risky Romance) as fourth one who is reckless in persona, and the youngest is played by Lee Chang Yeop (20th Century Boy And Girl). The show will portray how the younger siblings don’t really understand their brother’s sacrifice and love, and finally the strength of the family.

The basic theme of the drama is quite old but one which has huge potential to bring warmth and tears. The cast is great, and What’s Wrong, Poong Sang is written by the writer of family dramas like Wang’s Family and Our Gab Soon. It is helmed by the PD of Wang’s Family.

What’s Wrong, Poong Sang is also going by another name, Liver Or Die and it airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays.