Jin Young and Park Sung Woong in soul swap comedy film ‘The Man Inside Me’

Oh this film looks like a cracktastic comedy! Park Sung Woong, who I’m currently watching in serious melodrama Hundred Million Stars From The Sky, is starring in new comedy movie The Man Inside Me along with Jin Young, who was super sweet in 2016 drama Moonlight Drawn By The Clouds. The film is about soul swapping where the former plays a gangster and the latter plays a high school student. One day, Jin Young’s character falls from a rooftop onto the other and when they wake up in a hospital, their bodies are switched. Always-awesome Ra Mi Ran (Answer Me 1988) stars as Park Sung Woong’s first love.

There have been a plethora of TV shows and movies across the globe based on soul or body swap shenanigans and their fun factor depends a lot on acting and comic timing of the leads. The posters hint that we will be getting an amazing comic performance by Park Sung Woong and the two leads are really having fun acting out the funny hijinks. The Man Inside Me is helmed by Kang Hyo Jin who has previously anchored films like Wonderful Nightmare and The Backstreet Noir. It is releasing on January 9.


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