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Recently premiered MBC weekender Love In Sadness looks like a perfect melodrama for fans of the genre. It stars Ji Hyun Woo as a plastic surgeon who falls in love with an artist, played by Park Han Byul (Borg Mom), who is a married woman but with a miserable married life. Her husband is played by Ryu Soo Young (Two Weeks), who looks like a perfect man but in reality, he is excessively obsessed with his wife and is also violent towards her. She wants to escape from him. Also starring is Wang Bit Na (Five Children) who plays a woman with one-sided love for Ji Hyun Woo’s character. Hm, the plot sounds a bit like movie Sleeping With The Enemy which starred Julia Roberts.

As I said before, Love In Sadness seems to be having all typical melo tropes and the posters are not behind to hammer home that point. I loved Ji Hyun Woo in Queen In Hyun’s Man but his later projects all failed to generate much interest for me (I do want to see Awl though). His hairdo surely looks new here.

The writer for Love In Sadness has previously penned daily melodramas like Green Coach and Women’s Secret and the PD has helmed shows like Miss Ripley and Working Mom Parenting Daddy. The show premiered yesterday and it airs on Saturdays.