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My 7th year end review! Wohoo! Can’t believe this journey has completed so many years. I’m so, so happy that I watched more dramas in 2018, as compared to the previous 2017 where the total was my lowest to date, only 3. I’m so ready to make a new year resolution with respect to dramaland — watch at least 10 dramas. LOL.

It helped that so many Korean dramas are on Netflix these days and so I could watch them more conveniently. I’m very late on this category of post but well, better late than never!

2018 Dramas That I Watched

(In alphabetical order)

Hundred Millions Stars From The Sky / The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

I have only completed 8 episodes of this drama but oh, it’s so amazing and intense! Melodramas are not my usual cup of tea or coffee but I had to watch this as I love the cast, and I had read millions of good things about the original Japanese show on which this is based. I was curious too as many said the latter has a dark side. Seo In Guk is AWESOME as this flawed man who is difficult to understand, but the other main characters and actors — Jung So Min and Park Sung Woong, are equally interesting and excellent. There is depth, an ominous vibe, feelings and warmth. The story is dramatic, no doubt, but the treatment is so natural, subtle and seamless. I hope everyone gets a happy ending, I care for them so much!

Grade: A+ (I’ve only watched 8 episodes till now)

Memories Of The Alhambra

Oh this show! A big sigh indeed! I love how innovative its concept was, very refreshing and very thrilling. Add to that the charismatic leading man, Hyun Bin. It kept me biting my nails and sitting on the edge of my seat for almost entire run (with few complaints as well). And then came that unsatisfying, disappointing, not-properly-explained resolution to the fantasy element, which basically forms the story of the drama. The overall pace is slow in few instances and Park Shin Hye gets to do very little other than crying (that too unnecessarily). Also, many useless characters.

Grade: B


Misty started out quite well, with a gripping, character driven and dark story and murder mystery. I didn’t always agree with the heroine but found her very charismatic, strong, well-written, flawed and perfectly performed. But after the main plot got mostly over, I started losing my interest and didn’t really care for anything or anyone. On top of that, the non sensical ending was the final blow.

Grade: B-

Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food/ Something In The Rain

I loved the old school, low-key vibe of this show. It was painted with romantic shades, be it the narrative, main leads, music or interactions. But it soon became boring with elongated scenes and flashbacks, repetition and a very annoying mom character. Also, the reason for later separation didn’t match well with initial dynamics between the couple. Heroine makes a lot of stupid decisions and keeps on repeating them. An angle involving sexual harassment in workplace didn’t lead to satisfactory end either. The ending also left a lot to be desired. Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In have a great chemistry though.

Grade: B-

Thirty But Seventeen


Ah this show is all heart. And warm hugs. And everything as sweet as every-day sunshine . Thirty But Seventeen is a surprise favorite this year, with such lovable characters, warmth, exuberance and giving a lesson in between, to just enjoy the present, do what we love and what matters is being with people who love us immensely. It takes us on a healing journey of so many people in the drama, and despite their respective tragedies, it never takes the melodramatic path. Instead, it is full of affection and feel-good vibe. Shin Hye Sun shines, and I thank this drama for introducing cutie pie Ahn Hyo SeopPlus, I fell in love with Yang Se Jong.

Grade: A+

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

What a cute, funny, charming, colourful fluff this drama is! The leads are in their top form, crackling with energy and chemistry. Park Min Young’s secretary Kim is easily one of my favourite heroines — she is intelligent, efficient, practical, funny and also knows how to get smartly dressed (plus, those earrings!). Park Seo Joon is marvellous as the arrogant boss. The childhood connection made the love story less lovely, but there are other multiple delightful couples and characters. The plot is mostly filler with main plot being very thin but all the above factors make it a super fun watch.

Grade: A

2018 Dramas that I’m planning to check out ASAP

My Ajhussi, Life On Mars, I’m Not a Robot, Just Between Lovers, Mother, My Secret Terrius, Top Star Yoo Baek, Mistress, Children Of A Lesser God, Feel Good To Die, Room No. 9, Sketch.

Dramas that I dropped

Boyfriend, Mr. Sunshine, My ID Is Gangnam Beauty