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Her Private Life has aired its 4 episodes and for now I can say I like it a lot! It is about fangirling, so a lot us who are ardent fans of Korean dramas and actors can relate to a lot of things here (and cannot relate to some of them, lol). It is cute, funny and colorful with lovable characters.

Park Min Young plays Sung Duk Mi, a hard-core fan of a Kpop group member, idol Shi Ahn. She keeps this a secret from her professional life — she works as a curator of an art gallery where Ryan Gold (Kim Jae Wook) is her new boss who somehow stumbles upon her online fangirl persona.

I love the two main characters already. Duk Mi is madly in love with her idol, but also has sense and maturity. She knows where to draw the line between real life and fan’s fantasy life. I love her friendship with best friend and fellow fangirl Sun Joo (played effortlessly by Park Jin Joo) — reminding me of how I interact with my Twitter drama fans or on this blog, how we all rave about the shows or actors. Duk Mi is bubbly and fierce, deft in her work and also not hesitant in saying what’s in her mind or voicing her opinion.

The show also gives us glimpses of obsessive fans who can go to any length to show their love and possessive behaviour for their idols. I hope the drama will show the growth of at least one character falling in this category as we all know how dangerous such conduct can be, to self as well as others. I also want Duk Mi to teach some lesson to such delusional fans.

I’m so glad that Ryan Gold is not the typical arrogant, unnecessary cold, eccentric, childish, insensitive boss/man. He is a normal, good-hearted and caring person who is also mature. I love how he is misunderstanding that Duk Mi is a lesbian and is also cool about it. And how hot is Kim Jae Wook! ~LOVE~

I find it funny that both Dok Mi’s mom and dad are so weird, and I also like her friend Nam Eun Ki (Ahn Bo Hyun) — the childhood friend with one-sided love. Park Min Young is charming and her chemistry with Kim Jae Wook is so natural and lovely. I love how smooth their interactions are with less bickering for a change and more care. And yes for fake relationship trope!

One thing I’m not enjoying is the periodic over-the-top display of certain scenes, replete with visual effects, to give a comic-like feel to the drama. Plain boring. And I also find the ex-director character very annoying.

All in all, Her Private Life is something I’m looking forward to every week and enjoying it for the most part. It’s fun and feel-good.