Historical drama ‘Different Dreams’ with Yoo Ji Tae, Lee Yo Won and Im Joo Hwan premieres on MBC

Last week saw the premiere of Different Dreams, a historical drama, on MBC. I know it’s a very long gap since I last posted – my schedule and work kept me busy. I want to check out Different Dreams for many reasons. The cast is one of them and the setting is another.

The show is set in the era of Japanese colonial rule on Korea where it will convey the story of struggle for freedom. Yoo Ji Tae (Healer) plays a real life figure, Kim Won Bong, the leader of a secret organisation fighting for independence. Lee Yo Won (Avengers Social Club) plays a fictional character, a doctor who is Korean but brought up in a Japanese family. She is a secret agent. Im Joo Hwan (Oh My Ghost) stars as a Japanese prosecutor while Nam Gyu Ri (Heartless City) plays a singer at a club. Both the actresses will be reuniting as they both worked in 2011’s acclaimed drama 49 Days.

The subject matter is definitely different than we usually see in dramaland and also set in the period which is not much depicted in historical dramas where it’s mostly Joseon or older eras that have been shown. Different Dreams has PD of Saimdang, Light’s Diary and writer of IRIS as the creative team. It airs on Saturdays with 4 back to back episodes.

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