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2019: Year In Review

My 8th year end review! Who would have thought my drama love and my blog will complete so many years! And what blissful period this has been! Of course my drama habits have changed. I used to watch one drama in 3 days, now it takes me weeks (and sometimes months) to complete one. I used to marathon a lot in the starting phase, now it’s all weekly watch or slowly paced watch. My tolerance level has alo decreased somewhat. I used to take whatever the drama offered without any break (even if many things made me roll my eyes or made me sleep) but now my drop list is longer than my watch list in a year. All things said and done, one thing remains the same — the cherishing moments given by a Korean drama and its unique flavour that I cannot find anywhere else. Continue reading

REVIEW: Her Private Life (2019)

Her Private Life is all about hearts, kisses, hugs and sweet candies. More than anything, it is witnessing the journey of two people falling in love and surmounting the complications on the way with their thoughtfulness and maturity. And yes, there is fangirling — so gloriously relatable! Plus, Kim Jae Wook 💖 Continue reading

Her Private Life Episode 13 Preview

Watching Her Private Life is like eating an ice cream of my favorite flavour but with toppings that I don’t like. The main attraction is of course the main couple, KIm Jae Wook and Park Min Young, and their superb chemistry and on screen romance. Everything else is boring, dull, I Continue reading

First Impressions: Her Private Life

Her Private Life has aired its 4 episodes and for now I can say I like it a lot! It is about fangirling, so a lot us who are ardent fans of Korean dramas and actors can relate to a lot of things here (and cannot relate to some of them, lol). It is cute, funny and colorful with lovable characters. Continue reading

Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young pair up for tvN romantic comedy ‘Her Private Life’

Finally!!! This surely calls for a happy dance! Kim Jae Wook will finally grace our screens as a romantic comedy leading man! He has confirmed upcoming tvN drama Her Private Life opposite Park Min Young. He was last seen in acclaimed thriller The Guest and has been giving powerful performances in various dramas from many years (Coffee Prince, Voice, Mary Stayed Out All Nigh, Who Are You) but never playing the main lead. This factor alone adds high Continue reading