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My 8th year end review! Who would have thought my drama love and my blog will complete so many years! And what blissful period this has been! Of course my drama habits have changed. I used to watch one drama in 3 days, now it takes me weeks (and sometimes months) to complete one. I used to marathon a lot in the starting phase, now it’s all weekly watch or slowly paced watch. My tolerance level has alo decreased somewhat. I used to take whatever the drama offered without any break (even if many things made me roll my eyes or made me sleep) but now my drop list is longer than my watch list in a year. All things said and done, one thing remains the same — the cherishing moments given by a Korean drama and its unique flavour that I cannot find anywhere else.

With this new year, I just hope to watch more dramas than I did in 2019 🙂

This time I’m going with hearts for my year end review. A drama can get a maximum of 5 hearts and minimum of 1 heart. So here we go!

(In alphabetical order)

Crash Landing On You

Such an enjoyable ride! It has a delightful mix of drama elements — romance, action, stakes, comedy, lovely characters, amazing actors and beautiful cinematography. Hyun Bin plays a refreshingly sweet and humble hero and Son Ye Jin plays a sassy and cute heroine. They both have a lovely chemistry. We get to a glimpse of the life in the North and an awesome squad of five soldiers. You can definitely skip the dull villains and family stories. Also, the episodes are too long!

Hearts for this one: ❤️❤️❤️

Her Private Life

This show is like a dream come true for every romance lover! Or a drama couple shipper! Or simply a Kim Jae Wook fan! He has a crackling chemistry with Park Min Young and the plot is just a filler. There is some relatability as our heroine is an idol fangirl but once the leads get together, there is not much to enjoy or anticipate. Side characters are forgettable. I do appreciate two mature and understanding main leads and lack of negative characters.

Hearts for this one: ❤️❤️❤️

Melo Is My Nature/Be Melodramatic

One of the best shows on friendships! The relationship between the three main female leads is so real and judgement-free. They understand each other so well, no room for any misunderstandings. One of the perfect points is that each and every character is important, eccentric and given space to shine. And the soundtrack is fabulous! The drama is funny, has lots of heart and is perfectly acted. Easily my favorite from last year!

Hearts for this one: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Romance Is A Bonus Book 

An ideal show for a book lover! Set in a publishing house, I love how subtle and sweet this drama is. The leads are lifelong friends and it feels so natural and cute when the relationship status is shifted. Lee Na Young is a delight to watch with her natural acting, Lee Jong Suk is as warm as ever and the second leads are lovely as well. A very easy and pleasant watch!

Hearts for this one: ❤️❤️❤️

Stove League

Oh this show. I was misty eyed by the time it ended. Major part of the drama was aired in 2020 but I still added it here as it premiered last year (and it increased my number of items in the list, hehe). It’s commendable that this show is a sports drama but it is about the behind the scenes of a game. As opposed to usual ‘winning-of-that-one-underdog-team-in-the-end’. Nam Goong Min is amazing as the man who is righteous, sincere, workaholic and takes every single thing very seriously. A very well made show with every episode showing how our hero (and his team) tackle the obstacles towards their goal. Yes, the corporate politics does look over the top at times, but overall, the good parts outweigh this small hiccup. Equally thrilling and heart tugging.

Hearts for this one: ❤️❤️❤️❤️

The Light In Your Eyes/Dazzling

Mixed feelings abound! At one point, I thought the show is sweet, delightful, simple with a life lesson to enjoy everyday and what you have and also to love oneself. Then suddenly, it pulls the rug from under us and then you are left with a mix of myriad of reactions — there is explanation, but there is also very bitter truth, that happened too fast, that’s painful etc. At the end, I definitely think it was a fresh concept, and teaching us to be happy and live everyday to the fullest without thinking about sad moments of the past or worrying about the future. I also loved how it focused on old age group, and Kim Hye Ja is surely the powerful center of the show. Han Ji Min glows like sunshine and Nam Joo Hyuk is so very handsome (just loved the way camera worked with these two actors). A special shout out for Son Ho Jun for his amazing comic timing and the lazy man he plays.

Hearts for this one: ❤️❤️❤️