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2019: Year In Review

My 8th year end review! Who would have thought my drama love and my blog will complete so many years! And what blissful period this has been! Of course my drama habits have changed. I used to watch one drama in 3 days, now it takes me weeks (and sometimes months) to complete one. I used to marathon a lot in the starting phase, now it’s all weekly watch or slowly paced watch. My tolerance level has alo decreased somewhat. I used to take whatever the drama offered without any break (even if many things made me roll my eyes or made me sleep) but now my drop list is longer than my watch list in a year. All things said and done, one thing remains the same — the cherishing moments given by a Korean drama and its unique flavour that I cannot find anywhere else. Continue reading

2018: Year In Review

My 7th year end review! Wohoo! Can’t believe this journey has completed so many years. I’m so, so happy that I watched more dramas in 2018, as compared to the previous 2017 where the total was my lowest to date, only 3. I’m so ready to make a new year resolution with respect to dramaland — watch at least 10 dramas. LOL. Continue reading

2017: Year In Review


Try as I might, I don’t think I can watch all of last year’s dramas that I had planned to finish before the Year End Review post. Hence, I decided to write about shows (in all 3) that I did manage to complete in 2017. I know the number is too small but last year was quite eventful in terms of real life things. I really want to watch many, many dramas this year. Fingers crossed! Continue reading

2016: Year In Review



Wow. It’s unbelievable that this is my fifth year-end-review! I still remember the time when I used to start a blog, then delete it and then start again, only to delete it again. Then one day I found the real joy and love for writing, with my own style and signature in my posts and then came the origin of The Drama Corner in 2013. I’m equally happy and surprised that the blog will complete 4 years this February. My first yearly review Continue reading

2015: Year In Review


I’m pretty late this year to post my year end review. It has been a busy year and so I blogged lesser than before and dropped more dramas than before. There was not a single drama that I can say I loved with all my heart and soul but there were quite a few that I have lots of affection for. I’m keeping it short as the blog already has a separate review section.

I have given grade to each drama which shows how much I loved that show. A+ gets most love, then A, A-, B+,B, B- and so on.

Can’t believe it’s my fourth year to write the year end review of dramas. Cheers! Continue reading