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Oh this new Korean movie sounds compelling. Samjin Company English Class (also known as Samjin Group English TOEIC Class) is set in the 90s and stars Go Ah Sung, Esom and Park Hye Soo as three friends who work for a company called Samjin Company. They fail to secure a promotion as they don’t have a college degree despite working efficiently from past 8 years in the firm.

One day, the company announces that they will provide promotion to employees who can achieve the score of 600 or more in TOEIC exam. Hence the trio starts taking English class but then they find out about the corruption in the company and set out to uncover the truth.

The story feels inspiring, fun and the 1995 setting adds to its appeal. Yay for female friendships! I love investigative stories and more so if there are women protagonists. Definitely signing up for this movie!

I have yet to see a Go Ah Sung project but I have heard so many good things about her acting. I liked Esom a lot in Because This Lief Is Our First and Park Hye Soo was good in Age Of Youth.

Samjin Company English Class is directed by Lee Jong Pil (The Sound of a Flower) and it got released yesterday (October 21).

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