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SBS is bringing its own version of SKY Castle and Graceful Friends, meaning, a drama about high society with a thriller element. The show, titled Penthouse, has a powerful cast that comprises actors like Eugene, Kim So Yeon, Lee Ji Ah, Shin Eun Kyung and Uhm Ki Joon. It is penned by the writer of hit makjang melodramas (shows that have over-the-top but fun elements) like Temptation of an Angel, The Last Empress and Temptation of Wife.

Penthouse is set in a luxury posh apartment complex with tensions high between various families residing there. Three women form the main trio — Lee Ji Ah (Me Too, Flower!, My Mister) plays a charismatic woman who was born in a wealthy family and her husband is played by Uhm Ki Joon (Dream High, I’m Not A Robot) who works in real estate. Kim So Yeon (Two Weeks, Mother Of Mine) plays the arrogant prima donna, also born rich, who is married to Yoon Jong Hoon‘s (Find Me In Your Memory) character, the chief of neurosurgery at a reputed hospital. Eugene (Hundred Year Inheritance, Creating Destiny) plays a woman who comes from a humble background. She aspires to enter the high society to provide her daughter a better life.

The drama has a huge number of characters and it is beginning its broadcast from coming Monday following music drama Do You Like Brahms?. I love the fact that all main leads are women and plot sounds like it could be a dramatic but entertaining ride. Also, I have not seen a makjang drama from a long time. So yes, this one is on my plan-list!

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