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Medical drama ‘Heart Surgeons’ premieres today on SBS with Go Soo, Eom Ki Joong and Seo Ji Hye

Oh medical dramas! ~yawn~ I have seen shows and films of the genre in the past but I have to admit that it is one of my least favorites. It gets so repetitive with very less room for freshness, is episodic and last but not least, I just cringe at the mandatory track of hospital politics. We just got a medical drama in the form of Life, which I skipped despite my love for Jo Seung Woo and Continue reading

SBS premieres mystery-thriller ‘Defendant’ next week


Why is there this sudden influx of thriller dramas in the new year? Is it because one of the most lauded shows of last year was Signal, a thriller? Well, whatever maybe the reason but I’m interested in all of them. Joining the list (including Missing 9, Voice) is one more show — Defendant. I just hope there is no overdose of thrills! Defendant stars Ji Sung in the lead role and centers around the often used but always exciting Continue reading

Rain in talks to star in new Hong Sisters drama ‘Warm And Cozy’


This is amazing. When I first read that my darling Hong Sisters are planning for a new drama, Rain was among the names I added in my wishlist to star in it. Then the writers went on to court Kim Woo Bin, which was also great. Unfortunately, it will take more time till he graces our screens as the leading man in a drama as he turned down the offer citing time issues as his reason. Anyway, I’m super happy to get this news that now the drama Continue reading

Intriguing posters for ‘Golden Cross’


Surprisingly, as the premiere date of upcoming revenge saga Golden Cross is nearing with its promotional speed picking up, the drama has ascended for me from the ‘no interest at all’ to ‘intriguing’ status. It looks like it might turn out to be a smart, fast-paced thriller, which is always fun and satisfying. Continue reading