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REVIEW: The King: Eternal Monarch (2020)

The King: Eternal Monarch is a classic case where the combination of hottest stars, magnificent sets, production quality, intriguing premise and top writer doesn’t result in a satisfying ride. One of the most anticipated dramas of the year, it fails big time in terms of writing and execution. Of course, there are some good bits and pieces but that doesn’t outweigh the numerous shortcomings.

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The second season of Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim arrives with huge ratings

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim was a huge hit when it premiered in 2016 (three years have flown like anything!) and it just arrived with its second season this week as the Monday-Tuesday drama on SBS. And what an arrival it is! The show has garnered super ratings  — 10.8% and 14.9% for first day and then reaching upto 18% in its fourth episode (Source). Looks like it will soon match its predecessor as the original installment crossed 20% mark. Continue reading

SBS brings mystery melodrama ‘VIP’ with Lee Sang Yoon and Jang Na Ra

I have always seen Jang Na Ra (The Last Empress) in a light romance or comedy and so it is like a breath of fresh air to see her in a melodrama with pinch of mystery involved. She is starring in upcoming SBS drama VIP with Lee Sang Yoon (Liar Game), and the show is about a department store’s team who works for VIP clients, constituting 1% of their total clientele. Continue reading

New Premiere: ‘Vagabond’ with Lee Seungi Gi and Suzy

The highly anticipated drama Vagabond just premiered last week to good ratings, in the slot of Fridays and Saturdays, on SBS as well as Netflix. It stars Lee Seung Gi and Suzy, this time working in an action thriller plot after doing fantasy saguek Gu Family Book back in 2013. Continue reading

Kim Sun Ah headlines melodrama ‘Secret Boutique’ for SBS

Secret Boutique is the new SBS drama premiering next week and the show definitely looks stylish and intriguing. It stars Kim Sun Ah in the lead role and tells the story about power struggles between women. The actor plays a character who travels the path from being a Continue reading